RL Performance 12 Weeks S&C Plan

RL Performance 12 Weeks S&C Plan

The 12 Week S&C Plan is a 24 page guide that has been designed for individuals who want to add a strength and conditioning programme to their training. 

The plan has three phases. Each phase targeting a different adaptation with various sets and repetition ranges. Each phase lasts for four weeks and has two workouts (one gym based and one home workout) that you complete every week with the aim of progressing week on week. 

Along with images and instructions, each exercise has a video that will show you how the exercise should look.


The plan can be added to the 'Books' app on your phone so it can be accessed wherever you are training.


What equipment will I need access to?



Resistance band

Barbell (for the gym based workouts only)


Feedback for the plan so far


"I’ve completed 4 workouts, I’m really enjoying them and find the plan easy to follow!"


"I thought the plan was really well written and easy to follow. I would and have recommend to a friend, it was useful and I think good value and had a good range of exercises included. Having a set of workouts which could be done from home if needed was really good too."


"I love how the plan gives both a gym and home workout and you can fit it in when suits you."


"I am finding the plan really easy to follow and the pictures and instructions are really easy to follow. I also think the plan is excellent value for money."


"Enjoy the video links and the fact it goes in to e books."


"Great value for money!"

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