The online coaching service is for those that want to include strength training to complement their running to improve performance, become more robust athletes and ultimately achieve those personal bests in whatever event you are training for.


  • You will receive a fully bespoke training programme based on your specific goals which will be accessed via the TrueCoach app and include video demonstrations.

  • Training plan will include strength, power, plyometric and mobility sessions to address weaknesses, imbalances and improve running performance.

  • 30-minute video check-ins every two week to keep on track and make any adjustments over time

  • You will receive guidance along the way, helping you understand the key principles of training.

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  • Online coaching costs £70 per month

  • Payment is made by direct debit from your nominated account each month

  • The online coaching can be cancelled at any time.

Getting Started

  • Complete the application form below.

  • I will contact you via email for a free 30-minute initial video consultation.

  • After the consultation, training can begin!

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